Bliss Waxing Products


Salons that specialise in waxing are on the increase in Malaysia. Recently, even salons that don’t necessarily specialise in waxing are now offering waxing. What about times when one can’t spare the time to visit one of these salons? Bliss has the solution to this with their Poetic Waxing Strips. These are quick, convenient strips for the face and body – perfect for experienced waxers looking for a fast, on-the-fly fuzz removal, whether traveling or touching up between in-spa waxes or for first timers who’ve never waxed before. Formulated with moisturizing aloe vera and soothing azulene, they are for men and women looking for an easy to use, no microwave necessary approach to hair waxing. Each strip can be used up to 5 times. They gently grab to remove hair even less than 3mm long, shortening waiting time between waxing sessions.

Poetic Waxing Wax Strips Body

Size : 36 body waxing strips (18 double sided)

1 vial of post-wax azulene oil

Price : RM142

Poetic Waxing Wax Strips Face

Size : 20 face waxing strips (10 double-sided)

1 vial of post-wax azulene oil

Price : RM99

Ingrown Eliminating Pads

One day after waxing session, use bliss ingrown eliminating pads to help nix ingrown hairs anywhere on the body.

Price : RM149

Microwaveable Wax Kit

Perfect for anyone who does at-home waxing on the regular, originally developed for exclusive use at Bliss Spa, Poetic Waxing is the first-ever safe and effective, low temperature and aromatherapy-based hair-removal system. gentle enough for senstive skin and suitable for use on nearly any part of the face or body. Colorful, stripless, aroma therapeutic wax lets you see where you are applying so there is minimal mess.

Price : RM189

Note : Images and product information have been provided by Sephora Malaysia’s PR. Bliss is available exclusively at Sephora outlets.