Bio-essence Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Serum


dsc_3582While it can be said that some whitening skincare can be drying, much progress has been made to improve whitening skincare. Bio-essence Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Serum contains Tanaka Tree Bark extract, Camellia Extract, Arbutin, and Tranexamic Acid to give skin the ultimate whitening. Specially formulated to be gentle on the skin yet highly effective in helping to fight and prevent formation of dark spots, it also helps in correcting the appearance of dull skin to achieve an overall radiant and rosy tone.

dsc_3583This is a very light serum that absorbs into skin immediately, making skin smooth. After using it for more than 2 weeks, I can see an improvement in my skin tone. There’s increased luminousity and skin glow is more apparent.