The Balm Balm Voyage Holiday Face Palette


the balm bon voyage

Whenever I visit a Sasa outlet, the first thing I’ll do is check out whether The Balm has anything new. Ever since it was available here, it has remained my favourite make-up brand at Sasa. I wasn’t intending to step into Sasa today but as I was walking past, I had a quick glance at their promo offers displayed outside their shop and noticed The Balm Balm Voyage Holiday Face Palette was instore at the discounted price of RM157.50 with a free sample Stainiac thrown in.

Another fun looking palette from Sasa designed to look like a passport. It contains 16 eyeshadows and 3 lip and cheek creams. Open up the palette and there are 3 sections, the top part is the mirror (where the passport photo would be placed) with details you’d normally find on a passport. The middle section contains the 16 fab looking eyeshadows, predominantly neutrals in the first half, there’s a purple and 2 greens in the second half of the eyeshadow section.

the balm



The 3 lip and cheek creams have names while the eyeshadows are just known as A1, B1, C1, D1 and the others are A2-D2, A3-D3 and A4-D4. Some of the shadows are more pigmented than others. The purple shadow was the most chalky of all but colour pay-off was generally excellent.

There are a few shadows which appear to be more matte. I would have liked to see a few more shadows for highlighting. You get a lot more intensity when you apply the shadows wet. If I wasn’t still struggling to finish their Shady Lady palettes, I’d probably have got this one.



The bottom part of palette which contains the cream shadows for lips and cheeks is covered so the eyeshadows will not migrate over to that section. I love the names “Second Officer”, “First Officer” and “Captain”. Just look at how vibrant the middle orange “First Officer” shade is. It would have been nice if they had a few more shades for lips and cheeks to complement the eyeshadows.