Artdeco Eyeshadow Base


P1240221(1)This is arguably one of Artdeco’s most famous (if not most famous) product and a bestseller. I know this for a fact because it was the one and only Artdeco product sold out at Sasa MidValley when I went to have my first look at Artdeco some time ago. This creamy eyeshadow base comes in a small pot (would have preferred it in a tube to prevent it from drying up and for hygiene reasons) and contains shimmer to transform even the most matte shadow into a slightly frosted version.

If you have loose eyeshadows or pigments and always experience fall-out while applying, this may be a good product for you as it helps all forms of shadows to adhere to the eyelids and definitely provides more vibrancy and intensity. When I apply this beneath eyeshadows, there’s no creasing or fading all day.


This is quite concentrated as it is thicker than UDPP, for example but as it is so condensed, I have barely scratched the surface despite multiple uses. There is a mild floral scent but I don’t have any issues with that. The only thing that could be improved about this product is if they repackage it in a tube as I am concerned it will dry out before I finish the whole tub.

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base retails at RM59/5ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample.