Aquajuju Aquamoist Workshop : Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hydration


Although Aquajuju Aquamoist has been available in Malaysia for some time now, they only recently had their first ever workshop here. It was a weekday morning and I didn’t expect to see so many participants but the room was full of people by the time I arrived. The workshop was primarily conducted by the brand’s Japanese representatives from Kanagawa, Mr. Takeshi Yasaka and Miss Kan. Thanks to the interpreter whose English was as fluent as her Japanese, the 3 hour workshop was well organised and informative.

Mr. Takeshi began by explaining the importance of moisture retention and the ideal skin type. The 5 criteria of ideal skin are:-

  1. Moisture
  2. Lustre
  3. Elasticity
  4. Unnoticeable Pores
  5. Whitening
L Moisturising Cream for Dry & Delicate Skin, R Moisturising Cream K (Collagen)
Moisturising Creams Product Description

He said that we can only give our skin all the criteria above through moisture retention in our skin which helps in maintaining lustre and elasticity.Using the analogy of a tree, he explained that beauty ingredients have no effect on dried out skin. A moisture film such as vaseline or olive oil (moisture retaining agents) is required to keep moisture in our skin. These are not ideal moisture retaining agents though as they’re sticky. According to Mr. Takeshi, the most ideal moisture retaining agent is hyaluronic acid which is why Aquajuju Aquamoist uses hyaluronic acid as they key ingredient in their products. Hyaluronic acid is especially suitable in warm climates due to its non-sticky nature.

Skin-Type Categorisation

Next, he talked to us about the basic concept of skin-type categorisation, i.e. what types of products to use with each category of skin type. There are certain do’s and don’t’s associated with each skin type. He explained the functions of lotion, emulsion and face cream and while he stressed that face lotion should always be used, he said that it doesn’t matter whether you use lotion or emulsion first.

Where cleansers (my favourite skincare product) are concerned, Aquajuju Aquamoist has quite a few to choose from. There’s the self-foaming facial cleansing foam which is enhanced with 80% beauty essence, facial cleansing foam, cleansing milk and then there’s the moisturising cleansing cream which  doubles up as a massage cream to promote blood circulation but the last one is meant for removing light make-up.

Aquamoist Washing Foam

Their star product is the face lotion which comes in Lotion L (Light) for oily/combination skin and Lotion M (Moisture) for dry/delicate skin. Apparently, the stronger one, Lotion M is the bestseller. There’s also Whitening Lotion H and Lotion K (Collagen) for more mature skins. I have a feeling I may be needing Lotion K soon. The lotions can be applied with hands or cotton pad. They supposedly have 24 hour moisturising effects which is their strongest selling point. Their clinical tests have shown that within 1 hour, the moisture level in the skin will increase by 1.8 times.


There was a hands-on session after Mr. Takeshi’s presentation and participants were guided on the appropriate ways to apply the products by Miss Kan who speaks Mandarin fluently. Their self-foaming facial cleansing foam is great for people who’re pressed for time. Another interesting and notable product is the Hyaluronic Acid Concentrated 100% Beauty Essence which is recommended for usage before bedtime. If used during the day, foundation may not set well. This beauty essence is said to lock in moisture as it creates a film of moisture. It is to be applied with fingertips across the face. Miss Kan said that when you mix 1 drop of the essence with cleansing foam, it’ll create more foam. It can also be mixed with shampoo or body wash or after shampooing, apply the essence to towel dried hair.

Overall, I learned a lot from this workshop as it was so thorough and comprehensive. I appreciated the fact that the Aquajuju experts from Japan were brought in to conduct the workshop. All the participants were given a bag of full sized whitening products (some of which are not available in Malaysia until next April, I was told) worth RM180. I can’t wait to try out the White Washing Foam as foaming cleansers are my favourite type of cleanser. There was a special offer at the end of the workshop where certain products were available at 20% discount off the normal retail price.


  1. hi am from malaysia-kuala lumpur.
    i would like to enquire you as a professional recomandation witch product shall i use on my face?
    combination skin type/sensitive/dehydrated/small pimples/white and blackheads

    can you please let me know about what to use for full range?

    • Hi

      I can’t give a professional recommendation as I’m not a professional beautician/beauty consultant but from a consumer’s point of view, if you have dehydrated skin, then you might want to try their Hyaluronic Acid range which apparently locks in moisture and prevents moisture from being lost.