Another Day, Another Scam : This Time Of The Credit Card Kind


Most of us would have received scam messages, emails or calls, some on a regular basis. One of the most common ones is the credit card scam, I received a text message this morning saying that my credit card ending with XXXX from a certain bank had been used to purchase crypto currency to the tune of over RM3k.

The first thing I did was to check my credit card from that bank and to my relief, my card did not end with the number in the text message. There were so many red herrings in that message as the wording was different from what that bank would normally send when I used it for an online transaction and it wasn’t the phone number of that bank.

Sad to say, there are probably people who would have fallen for this scam and called the number in the text message. They would have been told that the credit card was in their name and been asked to divulge their account details or to transfer money into the scammer’s account.

There are scammers who just don’t give up. For example, I keep getting calls from one particular fellow and each time I block his number, he calls from another number a few weeks later. I know it is the same person because of his voice and he always speaks in Chinese. Nowadays I just hang up on people who speak Chinese as inevitably it is a scam call. If it is a genuine call, they’d begin by speaking in BM or English but that isn’t to say there are no scam calls from people who speak in those languages. Just that it takes me a few minutes to detect the authenticity of the call.