AIA Launches Health Report Card


DSCN9441(1)AIA Bhd. a leading insurer in Malaysia announced the launch of The Health Report Card, a project aimed at encouraging Malaysians to take control of their health amidst the rising trend of lifestyle-related diseases in Malaysia.

To get people to start thinking about their own health, the company has launched an online campaign inviting Malaysians to send health report cards to their loved ones. Malaysians can send their loved ones a Health Report Card by going to A report card with assessment on eating habits, physical activity and emotional well-being will then be sent to their loved ones.


The company also announced that for every Health Report Card shared on Facebook, participants will receive a voucher from Lovy Pharmacy for spreading the message of good health. Health Troopers will also be out and about the Klang Valley encouraging people to show their loved ones they care by sending them an honest assessment of their health.

We often do not notice the state of our health, but our loved ones do – this is the message behind The Health Report Card by AIA, a project aimed at encouraging Malaysians to take control of their health amidst the rising trend of lifestyle-related diseases in Malaysia.

To bring to life this message, AIA conducted a dipstick survey among primary school students in the Klang Valley to assess the state of their parents’ health. Over 200 students answered questions that covered nutrition, physical activity as well as emotional wellbeing. Find out what they thought about their parents’ health here.

Click here to send your loved ones a Health Report Card and tell them how much you care.