A Splash Of Grenadine From Essie


There’s something very tropical about Essie’s A Splash Of Grenadine nail polish, a vibrant hue of magenta-pink which looks more like a combination of pale purple-pink to me. I was immediately drawn to this shade when offered a choice of nail polish at the Fabulous Finds launch event.

The brush is long and thin so it doesn’t apply to a lot of surface at one go. One layer is too thin. I have to apply at least two layers before it looks presentable. Then it looks shiny and glossy with a lovely sheen. It can get a little streaky if I’m not careful in the application.

This is a sweet everyday shade which would appeal to anyone who likes not-too-sheer pastel nail polish colors. This is one of the most attractive colors I’ve come across, not that I look at nail polish as often as I look at other make-up.

As with most nail polish on me, this one didn’t last very long (about 24 hours) before it started chipping. I would wear nail polish more often if they lasted longer. It’s a bit of a bother to keep re-applying every time it starts showing signs of chipping.

This one retails at RM58.