A Repurchase If Only It Was Available Here


If you like using oil based cleansers, what do you look for? Does it have to be a counter brand such as from Shu Uemura or RMK or would you be happy with drugstore brands? I am quite happy to try any cleansing oils which are affordable although I have purchased from Shu and RMK before. As long as the cleansing oil removes all my makeup without stripping my skin of moisture, I’d repurchase the product.

Boots Botanics Moisturising Oil Cleanser was one of my purchases from Boots, Bangkok. The plastic pump bottle has a pink tinge which made me think the oil was pink but it’s actually clear. It has quite a strong rose scent which reminded me of an ingredient I used for baking, rosewater.

If you don’t mind the rose scent, this is actually a pretty good cleanser which removes all my makeup (doesn’t remove all traces of mascara though) with 4-5 pumps. While it doesn’t make my skin feel fantastically soft, my skin doesn’t feel taut or dry either.

As it is only 250 baht for 250ml, this is a very reasonably priced cleansing oil which I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase. Too bad it isn’t available here.