5 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Beauty

Image credit : unsplash.com
Image credit : unsplash.com
Image credit : unsplash.com

There’s no denying that stress can do a lot to our mental health. But are you aware that it also affects our physical health as well? Not just how our bodies are functioning but even how they look!  Some people are better at hiding stress than others, but even the most stress is going to peak its way out onto the skin. While there are plenty of skincare tips and even tips for destressing, are you aware of how stress can affect your beauty? How it can totally transform your appearance? In this blog post, you’ll get to learn about the different ways that stress can affect your body and skin.

Under-eye bags

This is one of the clear indicators that someone has had little sleep the night before, and it’s even more noticeable after several sleepless nights. Stress weighs down on the mind and it can make even the sleepiest of people stay awake and stay restless. Thoughts will just crowd your brain and there it can be hard to get rid of at times, right? You can expect puffiness under your eyes from lack of sleep.  These can thankfully be covered up with concealer or you can opt in to compress something cold on your face to reduce puffiness.


Stress can cause a lot of skin issues, that’s a proven fact. One of them can include getting acne. Acne is just the worst, isn’t it? When you’re stressed out, it will usually throw your whole hormones all out of whack. In general, stress is going to mess with bacteria in your gut and your hormones. So this is the main reason why you’re going to get acne. Having a healthy diet is known for making people feel physically better but it can reduce your acne as well.

Thinning hair

It’s known that large amounts of stress can make hair fall out. Stress will cause your hair to go from the growing phase and immediately to the falling phase. This is due to hormones being out of whack. Sudden life changes or major psychological damage can cause this to happen. Even major changes in your diet such as lack of nutrition can do this as well. Serums can be a quick fix for slowing down thinning hair but it’s really going to be up to how you manage stress and how your diet is.

Weight gain

Stress makes cortisol release in the body. If you’ve ever wondered why you gain weight during stressful times, this is going to be the reason. Getting in regular exercise, even during stressful times can help reduce the amount of cortisol that’s being released.

Dry skin

Dry skin is just the worst, but if you’re experiencing dry skin then chances are you’re not hydrated. When stressed out, people often tend to neglect to properly eat or drink. This causes dehydration which then means your skin will get dry. The best way to reduce this is to keep hydrated, specifically with water. It may seem far too difficult, especially given your situation such as trying to find a criminal defense attorney, but in the end, it’ll be worth it to look good and to continue having healthy skin.

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