1000th Post : Fabulous Finds Giveaway


It doesn’t seem so long ago when I put up the 1st few posts on Juniper’s Journal and now I’ve reached my 1000th post. I never thought I’d have this much to share but it looks like I do have more and more. Anyway, to mark this little milestone, Fabulous Finds is kindly sponsoring a giveaway of their beauty boxes.

I’ve had a peek into my beauty box but I’m not going to reveal the contents yet as that’d spoil all the surprise and fun. After all, the reason why we love beauty boxes is because we don’t know what to expect. There is a certain thrill in opening the box and uncovering the wrappings. All I’ll say is that there are 2 full-sized products in this box – one makeup and the other skincare.

You could be one of three lucky winners of Fabulous Finds Beauty Box just by leaving your answers to these 2 questions by Friday 7th September 2012:-

1. Why would you like to have a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box?

2. What makeup/skincare brands would you like to  see in a beauty box?

As usual, these are the following terms and conditions of the giveaway:-

1. One entry per person.

2. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and all decisions are final.

3. No substitutions will be made for any prize except at the discretion of the Sponsor.

4. Each Contest will end officially on the date stated in the Giveaway post. Any entries received after the date will be disqualified.

5. Winner or winners will be announced in this same post. Subsequently, winner or winners will be notified via email. Any winner or winners who fail to respond with their addresses to the email notification within 48 hours will be disqualified and forfeit their right to the prize and an alternate winner or winners will be selected. Winners’ addresses will be submitted to the Sponsor who will be despatching the prizes to the winners.

6. Giveaway is open only to Malaysian residents.

Thank you to all participants of the giveaway. I wish I had a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box to give away to all of you. The winners of this giveaway are:-

1. Denise

2. Ayna Jalal

3. Xin Yu

Please reply to my email requesting for your contact details within 48 hours of my email.




  1. 1. I’ve read your review about it and this beauty box is great as it promises to feature a few deluxe sized beauty products monthly for subscribers to really try out the product long enough to see at least some effects.
    2. I hope to see Urban Decay’s make up and cosmeceutical skin care products in a beauty box.

  2. 1. I would like to have the beauty box because it gives me a good chance to try out the various brands out there! I believe that the products given in these beauty boxes are well thought of and would certainly be something that I would love to try.

    2. Clarins, Dior and Urban Decay

  3. 1. I would like to have a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box cause i heard many good stuffs about it,from deluxe sample products to full size products with a very special price,and every month it will surprise you for whats in it 😉

    2. I would like to see some Urban Decay makeup and some Clinique skincare products in a beauty box?

  4. Happy 100th post Junipers Journal, keep up the good work!!!

    This is my entry, crossing my fingers, hehe =P

    1)I would love to own my very first Fabulous Finds Beauty Box because I love the element of surprise that’ll come when I uncover the beauty treasure inside =)

    2)I’m looking forward to see some NARS or TARTE products in a beauty box ^^

  5. Goodness me, 1000th post already?! Congratulations on crossing that milestone, miss! I look forward to more honest reviews (and giveaways, hehe!) from you! 🙂

    Speaking of giveaways which I love (who doesn’t?), this one sounds so exciting to me mainly because it’s all a surprise! And I love surprises!!! It’s like birthdays and Christmases. 🙂

    I’m gonna jump right in and say that I’ve never had a beauty box where I can uncover the treasures one by one before so that’s mainly why I would like to have one. Not too frank, I hope, haha! That aside, I think it’s a great idea to allow us ladies (and perhaps gents in the near future?) to sample new products before making a big purchase and possibly regretting that.

    As for what I would like to find in this fabulous beauty stash, I think Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s or Dermalogica are some of the brands I have in mind at the moment.

    Crossing my fingers super tight to get an early birthday gift for me, myself and I! I know, this is extreme self-love.

  6. 1. Why would you like to have a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box?
    – I totally love Beauty Box! As I’m a crazy Beauty Junkie and I love to try new product =). With Beauty Box, it’s like Christmas every month where it’s a surprise to open Beauty Box! =)

    2. What makeup/skincare brands would you like to see in a beauty box?
    – Since I’m a beauty Junkie, I would mind to try all brands for makeup and skincare. Coz I appreciate all those creator of skincare and makeup out there… by trying their masterpiece! =)


  7. 1. Why would you like to have a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box?
    -Because I’ve never had one before! And i LOVE trying out new products! Have heard so much about beauty boxes like Birchbox in other countries, now Malaysia finally has a service like this too! Truly a Fabulous Find! 😀

    2. What makeup/skincare brands would you like to see in a beauty box?
    -Origins, MAC, Tarte, SKII and some korean or japanese brands too!

    BTW, Congrats on your 1000th post! 🙂

  8. Hi there,

    Here’s my answer..

    1. Why would you like to have a Fabulous Finds Beauty Box?
    Is like receive present every month with a lot of skincare, fragrant, beauty set from branded name. I feel like every month is my birthday. Furthermore I never receive this kind of beauty box in my entire life.

    2. What makeup/skincare brands would you like to see in a beauty box?
    Marc Jacob perfume sample, Kiss me product, beauty mask

    Hopefully there’s luck here…