Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Review: Part II

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

There are 3 cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 with a wide and ultra-wide on the back and a selfie camera in the main display. The 1st 2 cameras are 12MP while the selfie is 10MP. While I can take selfies using the Flex Window when the phone is folded, I still prefer unfolding the phone to take photos. During the 3 weeks I have had the phone, I actually only started taking loads of photos during the last week as there were more interesting events such as a visit to Farm In The City, the launching of Negroni Week at Cielo and a baby’s 100th day celebration.

So here are some of the awesome photos from Farm In The City which makes me so impressed with the phone:

The pink buffalo is a little camera shy
I met Dato’ Allan Phoon, Founder and CEO of Farm In The City
With Dr Say Shazril
It’s a beautiful parrot
With one of the super-friendly staff, Fatin
Kids love the Aldabra Tortoise
A lovely visitor feeds the colourful parrot
The Violet Turacao is a most beautiful bird
The deer are quite photogenic
The excitement on this little girl’s face says it all
Duck under (pun intended)

These photos were taken at Cielo under very low light conditions or no light at all (which makes it all the more remarkable as the camera went to Night Mode automatically):

It was extremely dark but looks like day time
It was sunset
KL is beautiful at sunset
No prizes for guessing which tall building it is in the distance
Almost night time

Then there are the colourful baby’s 100th day celebration photos which turned out far better than expected:

At The Rabbit Hole
Colourful backdrop
With baby’s mum
With the proud grandma and parents of baby
Family portrait
This is one lucky baby – such nice cakes
A basket of red eggs
With baby’s youthful grandma
A feast
Guests at the celebration

I showed the Farm In The City photos to a few of the staff there and they were very impressed. Overall, I like this phone a lot mainly for the sharp photos and its compactness. If it wasn’t for the fact that it doesn’t fall within my budget, I wouldn’t hesitate to get the Samsung Z Flip5 as the quality of the photos I have taken with this phone is rather outstanding.