Pageant History To Be Made With Grand Prize Of RM1,000,000 On The Line At The Miss Cosmoworld 2023 International World Final

25 Delegates of Miss CosmoWorld 2023

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Carrie Lee, Founder of Miss CosmoWorld

As the much anticipated Miss CosmoWorld International 2023 World Final approaches, the global stage was set aglow with the anticipation of an exclusive press conference at the Hyatt Place Kuala Lumpur Bukit Jalil, yesterday. Officiated by Tourism Malaysia’s Director-General, Dato’ Dr. Ammar Abd. Ghapar, this momentous event, serving as a prelude to the imminent international final, provided a unique and enlightening opportunity for attendees to gain insights, updates, and behind-the-scene details leading up to the crowning moment.

All eyes were on the 25 delegates, each a national Miss CosmoWorld 2023 titleholder from countries as diverse as the United States (US), Australia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Rwanda, and more. Their collective presence not only showcased personal triumphs but also underscored the Miss CosmoWorld pageant’s commitment to championing global unity and empowerment.

Carrie Lee, Founder of Miss CosmoWorld, expressed, “Our 25 delegates, each representing their colorful nation, are not just contestants; they are ambassadors of global unity. In our pursuit of showcasing Malaysia’s unique cultural and natural beauty, we have integrated immersive experiences for our contestants. From the streets of Kuala Lumpur to cultural heritage sites, these women have been able to experience the breathtaking allure of Malaysia,”

“Leading up to the international final, through partnerships and engaging social media content, we aim to capture the attention of a global audience, inviting them to experience the wonders of Malaysia and, in turn, fostering a deeper connection between Miss CosmoWorld and the beauty of this nation,” she added.

Y.M.Tengku Dato’ Dr. Hishammuddin Zaizi bin Y.A.M. Tengku Azman Shah Alhaj, Honorable Patron & Advisor
Tourism Malaysia’s Director-General, Dato’ Dr. Ammar Abd. Ghapar

Set to be held on 29 November 2023 at the St. Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the 7th edition of Miss CosmoWorld will be the Malaysian Pageant of the Year, with vigorous competition throughout the pageant period, positioning it as the most populous and exciting pageant in the country. Not only that, Miss CosmoWorld 2023 will boast the Biggest Cash Prizes in pageant history, with a total amount worth RM1,000,000 which includes sponsored perks and benefits, up for grabs by the aspiring beauty queens, and the sought-after cash prize of USD 100,000 (approx. RM 470,000).

In its ongoing dedication to empowerment, Miss CosmoWorld has been instrumental in providing a platform for women worldwide to showcase their intelligence, strength, and cultural richness. Now, with an eye on collaboration, the pageant is reaching out to SMEs for strategic partnerships, recognizing the potential to create meaningful synergies to elevate the empowerment narrative.

Miss CosmoWorld is delighted to offer various sponsorship options for the Miss CosmoWorld 2023 International World Final. With a contribution of RM1,000, the guest will receive an entry pass to witness the pageant. For those looking to enhance their experience, the RM2,000 sponsorship includes dining, while the RM3,000 package offers dining, a complimentary gift, and an exclusive Miss CosmoWorld bag.

Tay Cheah, Malaysia’s Representative for Miss CosmoWorld 2023
25 Delegates of Miss CosmoWorld 2023

For those seeking a more comprehensive partnership, Miss CosmoWorld also presents table sponsorship options: RM20,000 for a table of 10 with standard privileges, RM30,000 for a premium table of 10, and RM50,000 for an elite table of 10, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests.

Miss CosmoWorld 2023 is organized by CL Skin Beauty Sdn. Bhd, with Getbats as the cash prize sponsor, First Pavilion Global Berhad, and as Title Sponsors. MeLife is partnered as the Malaysia Grand Final Platinum Sponsor and Hyatt Place Kuala Lumpur serves as the Accommodation Sponsor. Special titles include Miss Popularity (presented by Xpaze), Miss Wellness (presented by Gintell), Miss Glamorous (presented by Prife International), Miss Photogenic (presented by MeLife), and Miss Personality (presented by Pavilion Global Berhad).

Additionally, Miss CosmoWorld 2023 also offers various categories for companies to secure and contestants to win, including Best Creativity, Miss Healthy, Miss Talent, Miss Congeniality, Miss Courage, and Miss Perfect Body.

All sponsors include:

● FPG Berhad

● LBS Group of Companies

● Medcyto

● Meliora Storia

● Eazie Beauty

● Getbats

● MeLife

● Prop Buddies

● Hyatt Place Kuala Lumpur

● Eazie Beauty

● CL Skin Sdn. Bhd

● Rainb Ragazzo

● Carrie Collections

● Bellissimo

● Party Eventlicious

● Gelly Wee

● Smart Master

● BadDogz Studio


● Gintell

● Onpoint

● EbakzSports

● Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA)

● Rentak Sejuta

● Selebriti Online

● Like Media

● K. Harrodson

● Prife International

● Nice Car


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