Moving House? Here Are A Few Tips For Success

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Moving house can be an adventure. We know that there are various hurdles to jump in order to make the move to your dream home, so we want to take the stress out of that for you with a few tips for success so that you can go forth and enjoy it all.

Draw up a wishlist

As soon as you make the decision to move house, draw up a wishlist of everything that you would love to have in your new home.

Think about its location, its size, any features want you want to have and its outside space. Make a note of everything that is important to you and then start to prioritise your list so that you can see where you are and are not willing to compromise.

Use this list to begin talking to agents, vendors and landlords. Let them know what you are looking for and ask them to keep in touch with you to update you with any good prospects.

Get to know the neighbourhood

When you are trying to decide on the best neighbourhood to move to, it makes sense to take the time to get to know the neighbourhood before you commit to it.

Spend a few hours there during the daytime, wandering around and getting a feel for the place and a sense of all of the amenities available. Do not worry too much if you do not have your favourite shops to hand as most shopping can be done online now, but do pay attention to the places that you are likely to need to visit, such as leisure facilities, banks and doctors.

You might then want to pay a return visit one evening to check out the nightlife. You might want it to be lively, or perhaps that would put you off as you are yearning for peaceful.

Arrange your funding

If you are buying your home, do make sure that you have your borrowing all arranged before you start making any offers on properties. You need to be confident that you have everything that you need in place.

Take a trusted friend to viewings

It is a good idea to take a trusted friend or family member along to any property viewings. A second pair of eyes is useful to have and they will no doubt see things differently to you. It frees you up to ask plenty of questions knowing that they can have a good look round whilst you are doing so.

When you leave, you will be able to talk through all of the pros and cons with them and bounce all of your thoughts and ideas off them.

Make all of the plans and arrangements early

You do not want to be running around the week that you are moving with a huge to-do list. You are best to make all of the plans early to give yourself time to double check things and make any necessary alterations.

You might need to get sitters to help with your children, friends to help you with the move itself and then you can click here to find removals companies.

Make sure that you know when and where you will be able to pick the keys up from so that you can plan accordingly.

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