Miss UniWorld Sparkles With USD 400K Diamond Crown

Miss UniWorld, represented by its CEO, Roslan Rosdi (left) together with its official jeweler, Amee Philips represented by Richard Philips (right) unveiled the official crown, Queen of Kliimanjaro
Amee Philips officially hands over the Queen of Kilimanjaro to the organizer of Miss Uniworld: (from left) Founder of Miss UniWorld, Dato Reiss Tiara, CEO of Miss Uniworld, Roslan Rosdi, Director of Amee Philips, Richard Philips and the 2022 winner of Miss UniWorld, Niousha Roohbaksh

Miss UniWorld, a prestigious international beauty pageant that champions women’s empowerment and cultural exchange, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its breathtaking “Queen of Kilimanjaro” crown. This dazzling masterpiece, valued at USD 400,000, represents the pinnacle of elegance and signifies a renewed vision for this year’s competition.

Miss UniWorld, represented by its CEO, Roslan Rosdi (left) together with its official jeweler, Amee Philips represented by Richard Philips (right) unveiled the official crown, Queen of Kliimanjaro

With a commitment to showcasing the incredible talents of contestants and inspiring positive change around the world, the Miss UniWorld Pageant promises an unforgettable experience for all involved.
The dazzling Miss UniWorld crown, crafted by official jeweller Amee Philips, is a remarkable centrepiece, adorned with real diamonds and precious gemstones, exudes a captivating allure, making it a true symbol of magnificence within the pageant.

Amee Philips, founder of Amee Philips shared that, “Amee Philips is thrilled to collaborate with Miss UniWorld, as both brands share a common commitment to celebrating the beauty, strength, and empowerment of women. By designing and hand-crafting the exclusive crown “The Queen of Kilimanjaro,” we pay homage to the indomitable spirit of women. Through this partnership, we aspire to inspire women globally, celebrating their inner beauty and empowering them to embrace their dreams with unwavering confidence.”

The official crown, Queen of Kilimanjaro showcases 27 Tanzanites and 562 pieces of real diamonds. Inspired by the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, the USD 400,000 crown embodies the essence of global womanhood, representing their beauty, resilience, and inner strength

As part of its renewed vision, Miss UniWorld aims to elevate the pageant experience for contestants, partners, and supporters alike. The pageant will host approximately 30 international beauty queens in Malaysia, each one a winner of pageants in their respective countries, where they will participate in various activities leading up to the grand finale on June 11th at JW Marriott. Among the highlights of this year’s event is the Talent Competition, set to take place at the iconic KL Tower on June 8th, offering tourists and the public an unforgettable spectacle.

Miss Uniworld’s commitment to “Beauty With Heart” will also be demonstrated through two charity activities in collaboration with the National Autism Society of Malaysia and Tasputra Perkim. By supporting these worthy causes, the pageant reinforces its dedication to empowering women and championing social change.

CEO of Miss UniWorld, Roslan Rosdi, shares his excitement for the pageant’s new direction: “Our primary goal is to raise the prominence of the Miss UniWorld pageant both locally and internationally. We are dedicated to embracing innovative strategies and nurturing partnerships to further cement Miss UniWorld’s position as a leading platform in the global pageantry scene.”

The participating beauty queens are from Georgia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Turkey, Australia, Estonia, China, Iran, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, England, Czech Republic, Philippines, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Tajikistan and Korea.