Lancome Tonique Douceur


My very first Lancome purchase years ago included their Tonique Douceur. I was drawn by the scent of this alcohol-free freshener (toner actually). It smells of flowers and all things nice. Formulated with skin-softening distilled flower-water, Tonique Douceur remains one of my favourite toners although I stopped purchasing when the price increased to over RM100 (it’s now RM115 for 200ml). I managed to pick up this bottle at L’oreal’s last Friends & Family Sale (beats me why it’s called Friends & Family Sale when it looked like half of the Klang Valley were there) for RM40. Since the bottle is plastic, I don’t think it justifies a RM115 price tag. I might as well be buying Laneige’s Power Essential Skin Refiner Moisture which comes in a glass bottle.

Other than the floral scent which not everyone may like, this is one of my favourite toners because it feels wonderfully hydrating when I swipe the cotton pad across my face. I get a sense of well-being when I use this product, if that makes any sense. Maybe the rose and elderberry extracts in Tonique Douceur promote a relaxed state of mind. I just love the scent and feel of the product.

What to do when this bottle runs out? Wait for the next Friends & Family Sale of course. I’ve stopped paying retail for Lancome products a long time ago.



  1. Hi. If you had to choose between this and the Laneige power essential skin refiner in light. Which would you choose and why? Thanks~

    • Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner because :-

      1. it’s cheaper/more affordable.

      2. works just as well whether you use it as a toner or apply it as a mask on compressed masks.