Awesome Features Of Samsung Galaxy A34 5G


Now that I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G for 2 weeks, I have taken a better gauge on its features. So these are the awesome features I’ve discovered:

Size and weight

As I’ve pointed out in my first impressions review last week, this is a good sized phone for watching videos or playing games thanks to the 6.6″ Super AMOLED Display. It has the same size screen as the Galaxy S23+. Whether you are using the phone inside or outside, the colours are bright and beautiful. As it’s just under 200g, to be precise 199g, this phone does not feel heavy. It fits nicely in my palm unlike the S23 Ultra which just felt too large for me (but such a great phone in look and quality!).


Battery life is long especially if you aren’t using the phone much. The 5,000mAh (typical) battery ensures that you don’t need to charge your phone often. It can last more than 2 days. This is the same battery in the S23 Ultra. Compare this to the 4,700mAh battery in the Galaxy S23+ and 3,900mAh in the Galaxy S23. I didn’t think the charging time was particularly fast though and it’s probably because it has 25W charging speed.

Sound system

Equipped with Dolby Atmos immersive audio, Galaxy A34 gives crystal clear sound. Really good quality sound so you get that immersive experience when you watch a video or listen to songs. Very audible even without cranking up the sound to the max.

Back panel of Galaxy A34

The phone has a glastic finish which essentially means a type of engineered composite material that is made of fiberglass and polyester. Now I am not an expert on this type of material and never heard of “glastic” until I met this phone but to me, it still feels plasticky and not (of course) anywhere near the top quality material of top-end Galaxy phones such as in the S series. You do get what you pay for so if you want a phone with material that looks and feels durable/hefty, better consider the S series. I do worry that the A34 will back panel will end up with scratches so when I put it in my bag, it’s in a pouch on its own.

I am not sure if Awesome Violet is the best-selling colour for the A34 but I find this colour very soothing. My 2nd choice would have been Awesome Silver because I read that that shade reflects light under sunlight which shows a kaleidoscope of different colours, should be quite lovely and unique.

Update @ 11.15a.m. just bought a case for the back panel so it’s well protected now. Waiting for the screen protector to be available next week from my regular mobile phone shop which supplies all my mobile phone needs.


The 13MP Front Camera is located right on top of the phone (in front) while the 3 cameras on the back panel are the 8MP Ultra Wide Camera, 48MP Main Camera and 5MP Macro Camera. Features in the camera include Pro, Pro Video, Single Take, Night, Food, Panorama, Macro, Super Slow-Mo, Slow Motion (great for videoing sports) and Hyperlapse. Yeah, it is very well equipped for professional quality photos so I don’t think I will be needing a separate camera any time soon. Why lug around a bulky camera when you have a phone like the Galaxy A34.

The photos

Finally had the opportunity to take some night photos 2 days ago @ Ave K’s Rooftop

I love the fact that it’s practically effortless to take nice photos with the A34

It was great using the phone camera for some nightography

Colours do pop out even when it’s night time

It’s a joy using the A34 camera

The fun photos

Just like the A33, you can use the camera for fun photos.

Selfies are never boring
Face tattoos without the pain
My favourite fun photo
Fiery crown
A good hair day
Awesome and fun

There are a lot more but I think I’ve posted enough fun selfies, can get so many cute and zany photos using the “Fun” option in the camera.

Huge storage

With 256GB storage, I don’t have to keep deleting old photos to create more space. I’m a hoarder and only delete photos when I absolutely have to. There’s support for a microSD card up to 1TB.

Smart Switch and Quick Share

The Smart Switch makes transferring contact list, apps and everything else from the old to new device ultra-quick and convenient.

The Quick Share makes sharing photos and files from one device to another easy-peasy, it only takes a few seconds to transfer.


For a mid-range phone, I do think you’d get quite a lot. This is the kind of price I’d pay for a phone which suits my needs since I don’t need a super high-performing phone. With a bigger storage space than the A33, it’s already an improvement and this phone is really designed for fantastic night photos.