Lancome Advanced Genefique



It’s become the norm for beauty brands to upgrade their bestselling products from time to time. You may have used a particular skincare for years and loved it and all of a sudden, it’s discontinued because there is a new version of it which claims to give more benefits and/or quicker results. Sometimes the price is increased due to this upgrade and sometimes you may feel the old version was better.

Anyway, Lancome introduced Advanced Genefique and I am in no position to compare this with the 1st generation Genefique since I have only used samples of it. The bottle remains the same save for the addition of the rose motif on the Advanced Genefique silver metal cap and the auto reloading once the cap is securely fastened so that you don’t need to depress the cap in order to load up the dropper.


So how did my skin react to Advanced Genefique which I have been using for at least a month? It’s been great so far for a few reasons:-

  • silky soft and smooth skin
  • more radiance, glow and dewy-looking skin
  • enables other skincare products and foundation to absorb faster into skin

Yup, those are the results in a nutshell. I won’t go into the science behind the product because you can and have probably read it elsewhere and I am sure most of you would just rather know my honest opinion of the results on my skin.

There are 3 sizes of ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE:-




Product reviewed is a press sample.