Adidas Factory Outlet @ Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA


20220422_184434During my previous visits to MOP KLIA, I would never miss going to the Adidas Factory Outlet as I have quite a few items from the brand, some bought at full price and some on discount online. Of course, getting my size at the Factory Outlet can be next to impossible as the designs I like in my size are probably sold out before they even get to the Factory Outlet.

Now with the opening of the new Adidas Factory Outlet @ MOP KLIA’s newly launched Phase 3, there may be a bigger chance of getting something I like in my size as the store is a few times bigger than it was at its previous location. There are lots of shoes there which I have yet to browse through on my fleeting visit to the store last Friday evening. It necessitates a more thorough look as you never know what bargain you can find there.


An interesting addition to the new store is the children’s play area. Here, parents can take turns watching over their kids while the other one shops. I think that this is a good idea as children can get bored following their parents around.