Xixili 10th Anniversary Fashion Showcase



If the crowd at the recent Xixili 10th Anniversary Fashion Showcase at MidValley’s Centre Court was anything to go by, the lingerie brand is very, very popular indeed. Xixili uses a copious amount of lace in their designs and everything looked very luxurious. I know that Xixili produces some really beautiful corsets as I have one myself but I haven’t worn it since I purchased it as it’s so restrictive (of course it is meant to be so otherwise what is the point of a corset?).




When we registered at the entrance, we were requested to write down our mobile phone numbers on a piece of paper which would be submitted for a lucky draw at the end of the show. There would be 10 winners of various prizes and the emcee would call the lucky winners’ hand phones. The winners would then go up on stage and answer a very easy question on Xiili before claiming the prize. After the 6th winner had been called, I was about to walk off since I thought my chances were super slim and suddenly my phone rang, a number I had never seen before…….

Huh? Hello? The voice on the other end said, “Are you still in the audience?” and I went, “Pardon”? because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No way, no how, how could I get THAT lucky when there were hundreds of people still waiting for their phones to ring? But it was true, I was one of the Chosen Ones. In a daze, I walked up to the stage, answered the question “Which floor of MidValley is Xixili on?” and claimed my prize. Taaaaaa-daaaaaa……


OMG! I still can’t believe it even when I hold the RM800 voucher in my hands. This will be a wonderful shopping spree at Xixili. Happy 10th Anniversary Xixili and may there be many more anniversaries!