Wycon Cosmetics Magic Potion Highlighter


dsc_5586Here’s a rather useful product from Wycon Cosmetics for anyone who likes to use highlighters as their Magic Potion Highlighter is a fluid highlighter for face and body in an ophthalmic tube. It is formulated with a very high concentration of microbead, has a thin and quick drying texture. It can be blended with a bristle brush or blender. I would prefer using a liquid rather than a powder highlighter as I think that liquid highlighters give a nicer finish. Powder highlighters can sometimes give a cakey effect.

There are 6 shades available:

  • 01 Rhodium
  • 02 Rose Gold
  • 03 White Gold
  • 04 Pure Gold
  • 05 Copper
  • 06 Bronze

Wycon Cosmetics Magic Potion Highlighter retails at RM76.00.