Wan Wan Coco Ful Baskit At Jamaica Blue



Although I am more of a tea than a coffee drinker, I do enjoy the occasional cuppa but it’s a little difficult to find my coffee of choice in town because not many cafes offer Vienna Coffee which is basically Long Black (black or white) topped with whipped cream. You might think that’s easier to make than a latte or cappuccino and you’d be right but other than Dome, not many offer or can produce a decent cup of Vienna. Most of the time, I get a strange or bewildered look when I ask if they can do a Vienna.

One of the latest cafes in town (if not the latest) is Jamaica Blue from Australia located on the 1st Floor of MidValley. I have had Jamaica Blue coffee before when I was abroad and thought the quality was excellent. They offer two blends:-

Wallenford Estate® considered to be one of the world’s best coffees, this single-origin coffee is grown on the Wallenford Estate in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains – one of the world’s growing estates and hailed as one of the region’s most superior coffee-growing locations. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is arguably the rarest, most famous and best tasting coffee in the world.

Jamaica Blue Signature Blend® is a creamy coffee with a chocolate aftertaste made with 100% Arabica beans. Has medium intensity with well-balanced body and strong finish with a hint of cocoa.


This is the best cup of Vienna Coffee since my last cup years ago at Jamaica Blue in NZ. The coffee is strong, robust, bitter, sharp and amazingly satisfying to the last drop. Adding sugar to this would only spoil the taste. It’s RM8.90 + 10% service tax.


There are 3 sizes of coffee available, for each upsize, add RM2.40 to the price of the Signature size.



Now there’s a new place to have breakfast at MidValley but of course you can have these meals all day. Jamaica Blue has been open since last Sunday. Oh, in case you are wondering what “Wan Wan Coco Ful Baskit means, it means that if you slow down, stop rushing and take your time, you will achieve your goal.