Unusual Requirements For Freelance Writer Positions


be-a-freelance-writerSince I have been blogging for over five years, I thought I might as well look at some freelance writing positions and this is what I have been doing over the past few months but so far no luck. I’ve been to one interview but I could sense that I wouldn’t be chosen during the interview, it was my sixth sense. I was right because a few weeks later, the company advertised for an intern which meant they wanted to pay less. Oh well, no harm done other than having to copy all my relevant certs and resume.

The past few online applications have been equally fruitless. One person called and wanted to meet up in a few days, he said he would confirm the time and date but of course, never did. I wonder why people say things they don’t mean. At least have the courtesy of telling me he didn’t want to meet up any more. If he didn’t want to call me again, an email would have been fine.

Then there was another one who wanted me to send them a write-up on Scotch eggs and a summary of that write-up as well. Furthermore, I would have to draft a request to a restaurant (I don’t know what restaurant they had in mind) asking them for a video to be used. However, no mention of payment so after doing all that, would I even be paid a cent?

The latest one is the ‘best’ as I was to submit a 1600 word critical analysis of an excerpt from a novel. Apparently, my submission should reflect a clearly structured argument and evidence of critical/analytical thinking. The deadline was in 3 days. I drafted something just to see how many words I would reach and managed less than 500 words. After all, this was based on a few short paragraphs from the novel and not the entire novel. I think I shall give up looking for a freelance writer position for now as the requests are rather unusual or should I say too unusual for me.