When Things Change For The Worse : Guardian Cotton Facial Squares



You know the feeling when you have been purchasing a product for years and then one day when you repurchase, you discover the product is no longer the same quality? It’s all very well if the product has improved but when something has gone down in quality, you have this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Well I have been purchasing Guardian Cotton Facial Squares for years and years. I purchase 4 boxes @ RM10.88 every few months and in fact, I am a copious consumer of Guardian Cotton Facial Squares. It’s the one product I purchase from Guardian regularly since it is a must-have for me.

Last week, I replenished the Guardian Cotton Facial Squares and used them for removing eye make-up and then it hit me. How very thin they had become. I had the “WHAT THE…….” moment.


Fortunately I still had one cotton pad from the previous batch and could compare the old and new versions. Yes indeed, it wasn’t a figment of my imagination (which isn’t that fertile by the way). They were half the thickness of the previous batch. Where before, they were fluffy, now there was only a thin layer of what cannot possibly, in any way, form or manner whatsoever, can be described as “fluffy” by any stretch of the imagination. Now I have to use 2 cotton pads to try and match what it was previously and no, even with two of them, it still doesn’t feel the same.

This is the last time I am purchasing Guardian Cotton Facial Squares. Sometimes I wish manufacturers didn’t take consumers as idiots because we can tell the difference especially if we have been using the product for years and years and years. Got to look for an alternative.


  1. Was there any indication on the packaging that the cotton pads are now from a different supplier?
    Sometimes they change supplier and things like this happens, which is very unfortunate indeed! The other reason could be that this particular batch is “defective” due to manufacturing / quality control problems.

    Perhaps try Watsons instead the next time? I don’t use the exact same type of cotton pad but I have been using Watsons cotton pads all the time and so far the quality is still the same. I think they have this “box” type of cotton pad too.

    • No there is no indication it is from a different supplier. This is identical to every other box I have ever purchased in the last (almost) 10 years. Yes I know Watsons has similar cotton pads but it is the price factor obviously otherwise I would have bought from Watsons just to see the difference in quality. Of course I am aware Watsons has the same thing.

  2. There’s a Money Back Guarantee stamp at the back if not wrong but not sure how to go about that. The procedure Must be very troublesome, I guess.