The Bullying at Cheong A Art High School Escalates in Episode 3 & 4 Of The Penthouse War In Life Season 2


penthouseIf the bullying at Cheong A Art High School in The Penthouse War In Life Season 1 was bad, be prepared to watch even more vicious bullying in Season 2. Led by ringleaders, Joo Seok Kyung and Ha Eun Byeol, the kids gang up on Yoo Jenny, daughter of Kang Ma Ri one of the Hera Palace residents. Jenny has been bullied ever since the kids saw her leave some bread at the door of Bae Ro Na which is to say about a year.

Episode 3 begins with Dr Ha Yoon Chul barging into ex-wife, Cheon Seo Jin’s hotel room. She is waiting for her lover/fiancé Joo Dan Tae but when she opens the door, she is shocked to find Dr Ha standing there. As they are kissing, they hear the door opening, it’s Joo Dan Tae so Cheon Seo Jin quickly hides Dr Ha in the cupboard and is nearly discovered when Joo Dan tae opens the cupboard where he has prepared an array of designer gowns for Cheon Seo Jin.

Oh Yoon Hee has problems as her warning/advice to her daughter Bae Ro Na to remain in US where she was under the care of Logan Lee have gone unheeded. Ro Na has returned to Seoul where she wants to be re-enrolled in Cheong A. She is entitled to be re-enrolled as she has won 1st prize in some international singing contest. Seo Jin reluctantly allows her in again but the rest of her classmates are furious and out to bully her with a vengeance including locking her and Yoo Jenny in the bathroom so that they can’t contest in a preliminary singing competition.

At first Yoo Jenny refused to help Ro Na testify against the bullies as she is so scared of them but she changes her mind after Oh Yoon Hee convinces her to stand up for herself. Yoo Jenny’s mother has unfairly accused Ro Na of bullying Jenny but once Jenny reveals that she was bullied by Seok Kyung and Eun Byeol, Ma Ri is grief stricken that she didn’t realise Jenny has suffered so much. Ma Ri goes on a raging fit and is all out to get even with her daughter’s bullies.