THE FACE SHOP Narrows The Search For Their New Star



Leading Korean beauty brand THE FACE SHOP continues its quest for a young personality who embodies the brand’s ethos of real, natural beauty. The #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign, now almost at the semi-finals, sees only 30 participants remaining out of the original 100 shortlisted applicants.

“We are very excited by the quality of talented young women and men who responded to our call for the #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign, seeing all participants excited to shine in their own unique way. It is very encouraging to see that so many relate to our philosophy of natural and authentic beauty. As we continue with the semi-finals and finale, we look forward to selecting a Grand Prize winner before the year is out,” said Mr Steven Jeong, Business Director of LG Household & Health Care Sdn Bhd.

As part of the campaign’s objective to add value to the participants, the shortlisted entrants were chosen to attend Malaysia’s first ever series of virtual workshops, beginning with an introductory course, followed by three thematic sessions. Each workshop saw virtual eliminations taking place, from 100 participants, to 70, to 55 and now 30 participants for the semi-finals.

Each thematic workshop, led by campaign mentor Venice Min, an entrepreneur and advocate for female empowerment, offers participants live demonstrations, hands-on product trials and targeted challenges, together with advice from seasoned guest speakers.

In Workshop 1: Dare to Own This Look, participants learned about creating quality content and producing good videos that are helpful and relevant to followers, with input from content specialist Mark O’Dea. Each participant was also asked to create a make-up tutorial video and to create their own signature looks. This was followed by Workshop 2: Dare to Shine which focused on photography, angles and lighting with the expert advice of professional fashion and beauty photographer Paul Staniunas from All is Amazing, and concluded with an outdoor photography challenge.

The recently-concluded Workshop 3: Dare To Do Good and Feel Good provided a valuable peek into the world of professional social media stars, with insights on how to find or create a niche and stand apart from other beauty content creators. Guest speaker Eros, an established blogger and brand ambassador, also offered advice on working with brands and clients as well as tips on compelling product reviews.

“The #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign has been a wonderful journey for me, to interact and share my experience with all the participants in every workshop. It’s very clear how much the remaining participants have grown, and how well they have applied what they learned in each session,” said Venice. “It’s going to be very difficult for the judges to choose the final winner, and I’m very proud of all of them. It has been a very enriching experience for me, and I am glad that I was able to be their mentor.”

In the upcoming semi-finals which will run from 16-22 November, the participants will be tested in an online challenge that will require them to apply all their new-found knowledge to stay ahead. Eventually, only 10 lucky finalists will remain to participate in a full-day finale event on 12 December, comprising a series of challenges more demanding than any they have experienced before, while followers get to vote for their favourite finalist.

At its conclusion, the Grand Prize winner will be announced, who will receive a comprehensive Grand Prize package including a 12-month contract with THE FACE SHOP, 12-month supply of THE FACE SHOP’s range of products, a DSLR camera and a year’s worth of gym membership worth up to RM20,000.

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