The Table @ Isetan The Japan Store


dsc_0001If I had to choose where to have lunch, I’d definitely go for value-for-money places which more often than not means restaurants where ambiance isn’t a priority but the food is very satisfying. I don’t believe in paying over RM20 for lunch unless I’m getting quantity as well as quality. However I’d been invited for lunch at The Table @ Isetan The Japan Store, it’s on the 4th floor and accessible from within the department store. I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday.

The Table @ Isetan The Japan Store is very spacious and here, you can indulge in a variety of Japanese cuisine. There are five restaurants within The Table, all helmed by Japanese chefs. You can indulge in not just sushi but also traditional chicken hot pot and grilled meat to tonkatsu.

dsc_0003I ordered the Toriden set lunch @ RM28 and that doesn’t include green tea (for that you fork out an additional RM5). This set comes with 6 thin slices of salmon sashimi (hardly enough!), an egg, side salad and a small bowl of rice. While the salmon sashimi was very fresh and yummy, I felt like there could have been a bit more of something else, anything else, in this set. Not satisfying value-wise. Give me a banana rice set any time.