Systema Launches Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks Awareness And Education Campaign 2019


dsc_4759Are you among the 94% of Malaysian adults with gum disease? If you are unsure, visit for a free online assessment that can help you achieve healthy gum and teeth for life.

The free gum health check website is part of Systema’s Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks awareness and education campaign 2019, a collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Association.

The campaign aims to help Malaysians achieve better oral health outcomes with the ultimate goal of motivating more people to retain 20 of their natural teeth when they are 60 years old and above so that they can enjoy better health expectancy, in line with the Ministry of Health’s goals.

dsc_4764dsc_4763The ambitious Gumbatte campaign plays on the Japanese motivational cry of ‘Ganbatte’ which means ‘you can do it’ as a rallying call to get Malaysians to take charge of their gum health and reach the 1 million gum health checks figure.

The Systema Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks roadshow will be on at 1 Utama Mall until Sunday March 17th 2019 with free dental check-ups, games, giveaways and other activities.