Sungei Wang Plaza Halloween Treats : Mr. DIY Mini “Supermarket” Sweep Contest



As the afternoon progressed on our Halloween treats tour of Sungei Wang Plaza last Friday, we were led to Level 2 as we were all participating in the Mr. DIY Mini “Supermarket” Sweep Contest. Divided into 3 teams, we were given 15 minutes to locate certain products among the 20,000 products in Mr. DIY. No mean feat! After locating each item, we had to take photos with the product to prove we had found it.

Among the products we had to locate were a hammer, broom, lipstick, jandals/flip-flops, a beauty kit for girls, mouse trap….all in all 10 products. We were whizzing from one aisle to another in a frantic attempt to be the 1st prize winner in which case we’d be awarded RM50 worth of Mr. DIY shopping vouchers for each member in the winning team but consolation prizes were just as good as we received RM30 worth of Mr. DIY shopping vouchers for each member in the 2nd and 3rd placed teams.


Well my team didn’t make it to 1st place but at least we tried our best.