Spa Ceylon Ceylon Tea Range



This Spa Ceylon Ceylon Tea Range is one of their bestselling ranges, so I am told. In this range are a selection of indulgent Ayurveda bath & body care formulae infused with pure Ceylon Tea – the world’s finest. Blended with naturally protective, soothing &calming organic Green, White & Black Teas, rich in natural anti-oxidants & nutrients, to help improve overall health & well being.

Ceylon Tea & Mint Bath & Shower Gel and Ceylon Tea & Citrus Bath & shower Gel sound like the shower gels I would love to have. The Ceylon Tea & Mint Bath & Shower Gel is just the product for our hot and humid weather as it’s a mild cleanser with Organic fresh Aloe Vera & Honey to hydrate skin and Virgin Coconut & Green Olive to cleanse & nourish. Pure Peppermint cools & clarifies the senses, while uplifting Spearmint & invigorating Eucalyptus, help wash away daily stress & gently balance the senses.