Soap & Glory Sugar Crush


I know there are a lot of Soap & Glory fans out there and I have used my fair share of their products from makeup to body care. Their body care products have distinctive scents and come in bigger than average containers. Of course they also come in travel sizes but it’s the full size products which are really value for money. During my first (but by no means last) visit to Sephora Nu Sentral, I picked up Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash & Body Scrub.

 Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash



It feels like a grainy paste, it’s more creamy than other S & G body scrubs I have used before. It contains freshly-squeezed sweet lime, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and almond oil, with sea salt, smashed brown sugar, glycerin and macadamia oils so you only have to take a whiff of this to be reminded of all things tropical. Ideal for anyone who prefers a more mild scrub (I prefer something more coarse) yet exfoliates skin nicely.

Retails at RM62/300ml.

 Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash

body wash


When it comes to body wash/shower gel at Sephora, few brands can beat S & G in the value for money department as S & G body wash last a long, long time even if you shower twice daily. I’d almost purchased another brand which was more expensive and small sized but when I saw this bottle, I put the other one back.

This body wash (which doubles as bath bubbles) mixes mouth-watering kaffir limes, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil. With COOLCAPSULE™X to cool and refresh, radiance-boosting KIWI WATER JUICE, and a super creamy M-SUDS™ moisture-boosting base. Yup, it lathers up fast and there is a lot of foam so this would be great/even better if I had a tub to soak in.

Retails at RM49/500ml.