When Your Cat Is A Picky Eater You Have To Get As Many Choices As Possible


dsc_9011As an accidental cat owner, I have gradually/slowly but surely learnt new things about cats’ preferences, habits and personalities. They’re very independent, definitely not as needy and clingy as some or most dogs. I can’t get my cats to follow me wherever I want them to go unless I have a bag of food in my hand. They’re quite fussy when it comes to food, they prefer some flavours and certain brands.

Just bought 6 packets of Snappy Tom from my regular pet food seller on Shopee as they are just RM1.25 per pouch. I chose Chicken, Lamb and Tuna and Shrimp in Jelly. Snappy Tom contains real natural fish and chicken so cat owners can be assured there is quality in those pouches. My cats love chicken, not so much tuna unless it is tuna combined with something else so I wouldn’t get them just tuna.