Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover



Simple is a brand I associate with my student days as it was available in every Boots outlet in UK and the price was and still is affordable for a student. However it has been years since I last used a Simple product. On the hunt for another eye make-up remover, I scanned the shelves at Guardian and decided to take home the Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover.

I’ve noted that it’s £3 in UK which is roughly RM15 here so the price I paid which is RM15.50 for 125ml sounds about right (RM15.50 is the discounted price). It’s definitely gentle and kind to eyes as there’s no stinging and it does remove even stubborn and waterproof eye make-up quickly and effectively.

This product has made me wonder why it’s taken me so long to rediscover Simple. Unlike my other skincare, I don’t believe in paying more than RM20 for a bottle of eye make-up remover and I always buy my eye make-up removers from drugstores. I am now on my 2nd or maybe it’s the 3rd bottle of Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover.