Shu Uemura POREfinist Cleansing Oil



Every now and then, we see Shu Uemura coming out with a new cleansing oil. This is described as the brands’s “1st blackhead-away greasiness-free cleansing oil”. It’s for oily skin especially those who are in need of sebum secretion control/regulation.

The texture is very light, might be the lightest of all the Shu cleansing oils. Almost felt like water, so fluid does it feel. Key ingredients include cinnamon bark extract to regulate sebum secretion, sakura leaf extract to reduce inflammatory mediators and cherry extract to remove dead skin cells.


The scent is fresh and floral with top note of wild thyme, sundrenched mimosa and green mandarin, middle note of high alpine lavender, mint leaves and heliotrope and bottom note of white musk, red cedar and orange blossom.


It removed most of my eye make-up. I didn’t massage it over my lips as I’m using samples I wanted to concentrate on removing eye and facial make-up. There was no sticky or greasy feeling after it’d been rinsed off but of course I’d need more than a few sample sachets to confirm whether it can really remove blackheads. As with any other Shu cleansing oil, my skin felt soft and smooth after it’d been rinsed off.

It comes in 2 sizes, the smaller size retails at RM110 while the bigger bottle is RM230/450ml. When I asked for the samples, the Shu consultant whipped out 2 sachets from behind the counter but she was a bit non-communicative, maybe too many people have been asking for samples?


  1. They had this promo (?) last week where you get a 20ml sample (deluxe sample, some might call it) if you brought in an empty, non-Shu cleansing oil bottle for exchange. Since I have a few of those that I never throw out, I had no problems there.

    But yeah, definitely would need more than a couple of sachets before plonking down so much money… 😛

  2. A friend of mine told me that it did help to remove blackheads but not totally. It is still better to use those pore pack. Skinmiso pore pack is one of the most sought after.