Shu Uemura Pleasure Of Japanese Bath Shobu (Japanese Iris) Bath Oil


You all know how Shu Uemura gives away some deluxe sized products like Cleansing Oil and other skincare products when you attend their Christmas parties? Well, this little bottle of Bath Oil was given away to attendees of one of their yesteryear parties.

This is a Bath Oil with chamomile extract, strangely enough not iris but I presume it has the scent of iris since it is kind of floral. The instructions call for 2 capfuls to be added to bath. Once added, the water turns into a milky white emulsion. There is no foam at all, it’s like a milk bath, I suppose.

When I poured the water over my body, my skin felt a bit slippery and soft but I guess my skin would’ve been a lot softer if I’d sat for a few minutes in a bath rather than poured it over bit by bit.  Sadly I have no bath, only a shower head.

Afterwards, the bathroom was pleasantly scented but the scent doesn’t linger on my skin though. I don’t think Shu sells this at their outlets here but if they did, I expect it’d be pricey. I’d get the full sized bottle if I didn’t have to pay retail.