When Shopping Online Is A Lot More Satisfying Because I Can Find A Brooch Like This


dsc_9545Once I started buying the first few brooches on Shopee, I became addicted to acquiring more. I’ve lost count of the number of brooches I have bought over the past few months but it’s got to be more than 50 by now. Some (actually most) are relatively inexpensive, priced below RM10 but there are a few that are priced above RM25 like this one which arrived yesterday.


I was hesitating over getting this one for a long time as I didn’t want to pay RM25.50 to be disappointed with the quality. However it was far from disappointing. To my surprise, it is sizable, bigger than the average brooch and it is like having a few brooches in one. I am so impressed with the quality and beautiful design. It’s like a vintage design & it’s definitely one of the nicest brooches I have ever seen.