My Shopee Coins Are About To Expire So I Used Some To Buy Brooches


dsc_9219The thing about membership points is that most of the time they have an expiry date. Likewise with Shopee coins which I accumulated through purchases, watching Shopee Live, growing a tree on Shopee Farm and participating in the much anticipated Shopee Shake. I had about 3000 coins expiring end of this month and was at a loss as to how to whittle it down. Then I came across the brooch sellers and was hooked.

So far I have placed 8 orders and 2 orders have so far arrived. Generally they are very fast in preparing the order but some are seriously slow in shipping. I have one order which I placed on 6th Dec, the seller prepared the order for shipping on the same day and as of now the order hasn’t been shipped. The brooches I ordered seem quite cute and unique, great accessories especially for plain monochrome shirts and blouses.

Each brooch I bought averages between RM2-5 which is probably a price I cannot get in a brick and mortar store here. The brooches in department stores are usually rather exorbitant, it won’t be below RM10 at any rate.