My Second Visit To The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale


20221227_095527During my 1st visit to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale on 19 December, I didn’t have enough time to browse so a 2nd visit today was needed. I arrived before the door opened at 10 am and there were less people than on my 1st visit (most people must have visited over the long Christmas weekend) so it was easier to look at the books I was interested in. It looked like they had sold A LOT of books as I could see there was less stock than on my 1st visit.

I like reading memoirs/biographies and history books. If I bought books on cooking/self-help/motivational topics, they would likely gather dust. The prices at this book sale are really good. At most book shops, even novels that are not the latest are priced above RM50 but the majority of books at this sale are priced below RM20.


That’s my book haul, all @ RM99.95. Now if that isn’t a bargain of epic proportions, I don’t know what is. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is on at MIECC till 2 January 2023.