San Remo Pasta Showcase



Pasta has long become a favourite of all races as it’s versatile, tasty, healthy and filling. It’s a fuss-free meal to prepare at home as you really don’t need a lot of ingredients especially if you have a bottle of San Remo pasta sauce in stock. I’ve used San Remo pastas and sauces many times and every time, it’s been a satisfying and fulfilling meal. Best of all, it takes less than half an hour to prepare, no complications at all. This is the best meal to prepare if you are pressed for time.

As we approach the month of Ramadan, San Remo is reinventing traditional pasta dishes with signature local spices to entice the taste buds of Malaysians during Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Teaming up with local chef, Collin Lim, San Remo held a cooking demonstration to show just how versatile pasta can be.


Chef Collin added his own interpretation to dishes that saw the wholesome goodness of pasta enriched with Malaysian flavours and ingredients with mouth-watering result, suitable not only for breaking of fast, Sahur and Raya open houses but also as an everyday staple.

Inspired by the coming festive season, Chef Collin showed us how to whip up two delicious localized pasta dishes, San Remo Angel Hair Kuah Kari and San Remo Small Shell in Kuah Kacang Daging. I tried the Angel Hair Kuah Kari and it’s rich, thick and goes so well with the Angel Hair.

angel hair

kuah kacang

Following the demonstration by Chef Collin, a cooking contest was held for members of the media to try their hand at making their own pasta dishes. Divided into six teams, each group was asked to prepare a dish with ingredients in a mystery box. The best group was rewarded with San Remo hampers.

My team whipped up San Remo Tomyam with Angel Hair pasta.





San Remo is the market-leading brand in the pasta category in Malaysia and the go-to brand for quality and taste. Made from 100% durum wheat, San Remo’s pasta is certified halal, GMO free and contains no artificial colouring and preservatives. For more information on San Remo and for pasta recipes, please visit