Pommes Frites Sunway Pyramid



For the past few years, I have been going to Pommes Frites at Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid whenever I happen to be at the mall. They offer lunch specials (pasta + drink for RM12) but it’s not the pasta that’s outstanding, it’s the fries of course.

They use premium Bintje potatoes directly imported from Belgium and the potatoes are fried twice. The first time they are cooked through, the second time provides a golden color and makes them deliciously crisp. They are made to order rather than kept under a heated lamp so what you get are nice, crispy fries straight from the pan to plate.

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Crisp & delicious fries with a variety of dips at Pommes Frites Sunway Pyramid

There are 3 size portions of fries starting from regular @ RM6. There are many dips to choose from, my favourite being rosemary aioli. Even when the fries have turned slightly cold, they still retain the initial crispness.


Wish I could say the pastas are as delicious as the fries though as I haven’t had one truly memorable for the right reasons pasta at Pommes Frites. They all taste average like the garlic chicken with spaghetti carbonara. The sauce isn’t that tasty or thick enough and as for the chicken, it’s rather bland.