Pantene Pro-V Intensive Hair Mask Total Damage Care 10


dsc_4274Sometimes Watsons has some really good bargains and Pantene Pro-V Intensive Hair Mask Total Damage Care 10 was one of them. I picked up this tub when it was on 30% discount, slightly less than RM10 but a week later, the price was further reduced with a 50% discount making it below RM8. Argh! I felt like picking up another tub but I didn’t as I hadn’t used the tub I bought yet. Have to try it out first to see how it’d fare on my hair.

This hair mask comes in a tub with a flip top but you can also remove the entire cover. Not sure if it’s that practical for travelling as the cover might come loose spilling all the contents on to clothes and whatever else you have in your luggage. Anyway this has a slightly thinner texture than most other hair masks I have used recently. It feels more like a thicker conditioner than a hair mask but it goes on to hair so smoothly.

I left it on for about 20 minutes while I did other stuff around the house. It washes off very easily leaving no residue. As for scent, it has that signature/generic Pantene scent, same as the shampoo and conditioner. Yes it left my hair feeling smooth and manageable for at least 2 days. Not bad results for the price but not sure if I’ll repurchase as there are so many other hair masks out there I want to try out.