Not Exactly The Godfather But Song Joong Ki’s Vincenzo Is One Cool Dude


song-joong-ki1It may seem a bit far fetched but you have to hand it to Song Joong Ki for portraying Mafia consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano so well. At the age of 8, Park Ju Hyeong was adopted by the Cassano family in Italy. He became an advisor and conflict/dispute resolution expert to his adopted papa, Fabio Cassano who has just died. Fabio has entrusted Vincenzo with one last task and that’s the first time we see how ruthless and cool Vincenzo is. He walks away from the carnage like other people walk away from a tea house.

As Fabio’s successor and biological son wants to eliminate Vincenzo, Vincenzo flees to Korea where he is on a mission to get tons of gold hidden underneath a building. 5 years ago, a Chinese client of Vincenzo’s sought out his help, he wanted to hide his stash of gold in a very secure location. Vincenzo has a proxy who buys a building and builds a “safe” beneath the building. The only way to recover the stash is to destroy the entire building. As the Chinese client has died of a heart attack and no one other than Vincenzo and the proxy know about the existence of the gold, Vincenzo feels the gold should belong to him.

There are quite a few funny moments in the 1st two episodes as Vincenzo meets the crazy tenants of the building where the gold is hidden. The best scenes are where he interacts with the tenants and where he threatens the bad guys (not that Vincenzo isn’t a bad guy himself). The scenes where he speaks Italian are also memorable. This is an entertaining drama especially when he has to work together with the very headstrong and feisty lawyer, Hong Cha Young, daughter of another lawyer who is a tenant in the building.