Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser


dsc_7639My neighbourhood Giant is currently having a 50% sale on all skincare (I think it’s another Giant about to close) and one of the products I bought is this 85g tube of Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser. Got it for slightly above RM8 which is a bargain as far as Neutrogena products are concerned.

It’s described as the “1st pure glycerin based foam cleanser”. It has microbeads so it feels like a scrub. There’s some foam when I combine it with water, more foam is produced if you use a washing net. There is a nice fresh scent which is a bonus.

dsc_7640It’s clinically proven to remove dirt and impurities such as dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells while giving back a nourished glow to your skin. Not bad value considering I got this at a price I can’t believe I could get for Neutrogena.