Neighbours Who Should Not Be Dog Owners


maxresdefaultThere are people who deserve to be dog owners and there are lots of people who should not be dog owners because they don’t know how to be responsible dog owners. Those in the latter category think all they need to do to impress others is to own a pair of pedigrees and feed them daily, not they themselves but their maids. Then if the dogs run riot all day and bark their little heads off at every minute noise and living being whether on two or four legs that passes their gate, it’s fine. Doesn’t matter if the noise irritates the rest of the people on the street. Little dogs are capable of big noise, it amplifies especially at night. That sums up my shameless neighbours who don’t do anything to shut their dogs up.

I’m the one who shouts at the dogs to shut up particularly when they bark after midnight. Oh come on, there is a limit to anyone’s tolerance and no one wants to be abruptly woken from a peaceful slumber by sudden barking often for no good reason. I think that I have given enough of a message to the neighbours but it shows they have no qualms about doing nothing to maintain the peace and quiet this neighbourhood enjoyed prior to their arrival, Waiting for the day they pack up and leave since they are tenants.