A Can Of Monge Fruit A Day Whets My Dog’s Appetite


dsc_8986As the pet food seller in KL was offering 10% cash back on Shopee, I placed an order for more Monge Fruit dog food. My previous and first order for Monge Fruit Pate & Chunkies was from a pet food seller in Perak and they were fast in shipping as they shipped the day after I ordered. The seller in KL only shipped 3 days after I ordered but I can’t really fuss about it since I got back 10% cash in Shopee coins.

Monge Fruit consists of 80% meat and 4% fruit, it doesn’t smell like dog food. I guess one can consider this gourmet dog food. The little white dog with the bow tie on the can does look quite posh. My order this time included Chicken & Raspberry, Salmon & Pear, Pork & Pineapple, Turkey & Blueberry and Lamb & Apple. Each one was RM2.60 which is cheaper than what I paid for my first order from the seller in Perak, that one was RM2.70 each and no 10% cash back.