Maybelline Mineral BB Mousse


There’s no stopping the BB Cream craze. Year after year, brands come up with BB innovations, each one offering something different. Maybelline’s Mineral BB Mousse has an Air Micro Bubble formula which promises less bulk than BB Cream formulas.

Of course, anything with a mousse formula always feels more lightweight than creams and should blend more easily into skin. One pump produces quite a lot of BB Mousse but that’s not what I was most surprised at. The first thing that came to mind was the colour – it’s so orangey.

I compared the BB Mousse with Shu Uemura’s UV under base mousse. Shu’s mousse has a more natural colour and it feels lighter and finer against my skin. The BB Mousse was applied with fingers and it just didn’t apply as well as most BB Creams I’ve tried previously. The BB Mousse looked patchy.

The BB Mousse didn’t look that natural on my skin, it looked as if there was a layer of orange so much so I think I look jaundiced. Applying a layer of loose powder toned down the orange tint a bit. I don’t think the BB Mousse worked out well for me. I’ll be sticking to BB Creams for the time being.

Maybelline’s BB Mousse comes in a 65g pump bottle and retails at RM54.90.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.