Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery Cushion



Inspired by the restorative properties of the Peach Flower and the Narcissus plant, the NEW Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Line is formulated to give every woman bright, light reflecting skin resembling the blossoming peach which has its moisture locked by the water-storing Narcissus bulb. Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Line includes the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion and Brightening Cover Watery Cushion.

Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery Cushion with SPF50+/PA+++ is specially designed in accordance with the water storage capacity of the Narcissus bulb and is suitable for individuals with dry skin. It provides light yet a moist texture that spreads onto the skin just like water colour painting to naturally cover the appearance of skin imperfections and dry skin texture. Moreover, its water-fit puff helps enhance the skin fitting effect that provides great coverage for the appearance of skin imperfection, leaving skin feeling naturally radiant and moist. The watery cushion that is enriched with narcissus extract offers a cooling sensation on the skin while delivering ample moisture making it soft and smooth without any feeling of tightness. In ensuring that the skin receives maximum coverage and moisture, the Brightening Cover Watery Cushion also comes with a water-pump sponge that effectively discharge its content onto skin, leaving skin feeling smooth, supple and moist.



This is quite hydrating for me with a dewy, natural finish. There is a subtle glow, it covers up my dark spots, doesn’t look cakey or thick and doesn’t melt even in humid conditions. I really like the feel of it on my skin when applied with the sponge. I could happily continue using this forever. It evens and brightens up my skin tone. The scent is very pleasant without being too strong and overwhelming. Overall, it’s a satisfying product which I feel is not overpriced (compared to other Korean brands).

Brightening Cover Watery Cushion retails at RM90/15g.

Product reviewed is a press sample