Malaysia’s First Digital IMAX® Theatre Launched At TGV Sunway Pyramid


Before the advent of cineplexes and multiplexes, there was a time when people stayed away from cinemas and preferred to watch movies in the comfort of their homes rather than step into old, dingy cinemas with creaky seats. Once cineplexes became a permanent fixture in our cinematic landscape, there was no turning back and it’s common nowadays to see long queues snaking their way past escalators and shops at various cineplexes/multiplexes in Malaysia, especially on weekends.

Now Malaysia’s cinematic experience has been taken to new heights with today’s launch of Malaysia’s first Digital IMAX® Theatre at TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Cinema’s most popular multiplex. Present to officiate the launch were Don Savant, Senior Vice President and Managing Director IMAX® Asia Pacific and Kenny Wong, CEO, TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd.


Scheduled to open on 14 December 2011, the IMAX® theatre will also be the first to screen the much anticipated blockbuster Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol The IMAX® Experience, which opens globally on 21 December 2011. Media and invited guests at at today’s launch were treated to a special screening of the movie (in 2D) in the afternoon.

As the screen is curved and larger than your average screen, the images on screen appear much closer to the viewer even without any special glasses so it was nail-biting watching Tom Cruise scale up the imposing Dubai skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. The movie was partially shot with IMAX cameras for approximately 30 minutes. There’s a really cool car chase scene in the middle of a sandstorm too. As can be expected of a Mission Impossible movie, the stunts are spectacular but this is a movie where you have to put logic aside. For example, I was wondering how everything was so easy for them like getting a private jet at their disposal when they were officially not part of the IMF and many other things which didn’t make sense. Try going into any hotel here and taking one of the staff uniforms off the rails and tell me if it’s THAT easy, not to mention crashing into an exclusive private party thrown by a millionaire/billionaire. No wonder it’s called “Mission Impossible”!

As the movie is shot in exotic and beautiful cities such as Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Bangalore and Vancouver, one can expect a lot of scenic views especially when the camera pans over the rooftops. I had a few favourite scenes such as the opening scene, a prison fracas to the tune of a song you’d least expect to hear in a prison. Oh yes, there are a lot of get-the-hell-out-of-there-before-you-get-blown-up moments. There are a few well crafted humorous scenes too.

When asked by one of the media people why TGV installed their first IMAX® theatre at Sunway Pyramid, Mr. Kenny Wong replied that there was a demand for innovation in the Sunway area. In reply to another question, he said that TGV plans to open another 4-5 IMAX® theatres in Malaysia next year and 1 Utama will probably be the next after Sunway Pyramid.

The newly refurbished TGV Sunway Pyramid multiplex offers a brand new movie going experience with the introduction of the Tiered Seating options and Beanieplex concepts. TGV Cinemas will also introduce its first ever Premier Class Halls, aptly known as the TGV CLUB which is set to be launched in January 2012.

With the introduction of TGV CLUB, moviegoers can enjoy delicious food, snacks and beverage in an exclusive, premium lounge environment before enjoying their favourite movie in intimately sized halls with special, extra plush seats. Designed with the airlines seating classes in mind, Tiered Seating allows patrons to select between “first class” couple seats, “business class” individual larger and more comfortable seats or regular seats to suit their preference.

Tickets to IMAX® 2D format movie screenings priced at RM22 to RM25.

Tickets to IMAX® 3D format movie screenings priced at RM26 to RM29.

For more information on TGV Cinemas, please visit their website.