Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer 2014 Workshop


There’s nothing like a good makeup workshop to help one learn more about a brand and/or its new products and so I joined Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Summer 2014 Workshop to get an update of what’s the latest instore. I also learned that there’s something BIG coming up later this month but my lips are sealed or rather my fingers are bound in that regard as I’m under strict orders not to leak any information in that regard.

MUFE’s Aqua Collection is world famous for its long-lasting and waterproof properties. Due to our humid weather where it’s difficult not to perspire like crazy everyday, most women look for makeup that lasts all day and that includes everything from eye, face and lip makeup.

As you all know, the most famous Aqua product is the Aqua Cream of which I have a few and I love every one of them for their high pigment content and they seriously don’t fade or smudge. They’re also an excellent base for powder shadows. They are absolutely multi-purpose as you can use them on the lips, cheeks and even hair if you want some temporary colour.

Jason Ooi, MUFE Malaysia’s Education & Artistry Executive elaborated on the special ingredients which go into making the AQUA products so waterproof. They are so waterproof that models have been body painted in AQUA Creams and emerge from the pool with their “swimsuits” intact. You’d think they were wearing designer swimwear when all they had on were MUFE’s AQUA products. Simply amazing.

To demonstrate just how waterproof and water-resistant AQUA products are, Jason applied AQUA products only on the right side of the model’s face. Her left side had already been applied with Brand X. We had no idea what Brand X is but the makeup is available at Sephora.

We were encouraged to apply MUFE products on ourselves.

Firstly, MUFE’s famous and bestselling High Definition Primer (Jason’s tip : don’t apply primer if you are swimming). In the same manner as skin care product, the HD Primer nourishes, moisturizes and softens skin, creating a glowing effect. It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and last longer.

The foundation is very light and thin. It’s suitable for all skin types and does not feel as if I have a layer of foundation on, looks very natural and you don’t even need setting powder as this has a powdery finish. Coverage is quite sheer but at least it has a water-resistant formula.

Use the new HD Pressed Powder to set for a mattifying, natural yet luminous finish without a trace of colour.

I chose AQUA Cream 11 & 20 to apply on my eyelids, 11 for the crease and 20 as an eyeliner. What I love about AQUA Creams is their superb colour pay-off and top-notch pigments. You don’t need powder shadows after these actually.






As the final step, Jason sprayed the model’s face with water. He sprayed her right side first on which MUFE products had been applied and nothing smudged. After he’d sprayed the left side of her face, there were black streaks down her cheeks so Brand X is proven to be not water-resistant.

NEW AQUA products:-

aqua liner

AQUA Liner RM95/1.7ml

There’s a subtle shimmer which is very beautiful and not too much even for day time wear. I just love the blackened olive shade in the swatch above as it’s sophisticated and oh-so-gorgeous, it’s like the ink liner version of Laura Mercier’s Black Gold pencil liner. They are specially formulated for oily lids and have ergonomic applicators.

AQUA Smoky Extravagant Mascara RM100/7ml

This mascara has a blue ring around the cap to denote its waterproof status and a tapered applicator. I think the smaller than average applicator is suitable for our sparse Asian lashes. The applicator is called an “ergo-conic” brush for primarily volumising.


Mist & Fix RM115/125ml

Good for fixing makeup and hydrating skin. I sprayed it over my makeup as the final step and it refreshes and cools skin. This is similar to MAC’s Fix+. Not sure which is more effective though as I don’t have the Fix+ to compare.

AQUA Rouge RM100/2 x 2.5ml

Only 1 new shade in 03 Light Rosewood, a pale rose pink. This is a double-ended product with the colour on one end and top coat on the other. The top coat provides a lacquer finish for shine. This is a lip product with long-lasting qualities.

AQUA Lip RM80/1.2g

The waterproof texture of this pencil allows you to reshape and emphasize lip contours. It is water and saliva resistant. It can be used on the entire mouth after applying a non-oily skincare on the lips (Lip Contour Skincare Pencil). The range of matte shades offers natural, tone-on-tone palettes and other more intense shades.


  1. Wow, I am amaze at such elaborate and precise review on MUFE products. Happy shopping to me. Just have to try my hands on their waterproof and saliva lip pencils.