MAC A Sprinkle Of Blues Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4



The thing about blue eye shadows is not everyone can pull it off, it takes a lot of careful blending to avoid looking like a mess. Blues are great or smoky eye looks and I believe there’s nothing wrong with wearing blue shadows in the day as long as you don’t overdo it in which case you could look bruised. Perhaps the same could be said about purples but that’s for another day.

Since my face had been thoroughly cleansed after a facial, I headed to my nearest makeup playground (read : any MAC outlet) and reached for their Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad A Sprinkle Of Blues which has navy blue to dark blue, all very pigmented since they are mineralized.


No base required but of course you can apply an eye shadow primer so that the colours go on more smoothly and here’s the look ta-daaaaa!

mac blue

mac a sprinkle of blues


It does take time and effort to blend it properly and brushes are a must when it comes to blue shadows, that’smy opinion anyway but I am sure there are people out there who can make anything look good with just their fingers.

MAC A Sprinkle Of Blues Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 retails at RM180 and yes, I do think these quads look a lot like something I have seen at Chanel, that was my first impression.